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Is Your Senior Mom Providing Care To Her Bedridden Spouse? 3 Benefits Of A Stairlift For Making Her Duties Easier

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Your senior mom's dedication to her spouse is commendable. While she may be fairly able-bodied at this stage in her life, you may still worry about her health and safety as she performs her care duties. The stairs in your mom's house are one area of concern that can make it much harder to accomplish many of the things that she must do during the day. If your mom's spouse stays upstairs, then your mom may be making multiple trips up and down them throughout her daily routine. Once you feel like your mom is ready to have a serious talk about how she manages her duties, you can use these talking points to explain the benefits of putting a straight stairlift in her home.

Make it Easier to Carry Food Upstairs

A common floor plan in two-story homes involves having the kitchen downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs. If your mom's spouse stays upstairs and can't get out of bed, then your mom may be taking them food. Carrying trays or plates of food upstairs gets dangerous, and your mom may struggle with doing things such as avoiding spilling hot food on herself. With a stairlift, she can simply sit down and hold the food as she glides upstairs.

Ease the Process of Doing Laundry

Laundry is another task that is hard for caregivers in multi-story homes. Your bedridden dad may also generate more soiled linens that increase how often your mom is required to carry heavy laundry baskets up and down the stairs. In some cases, she may even be choosing to do multiple trips just to make the process more manageable. With a lift chair, your mom can reduce the strain on her back and arms so that she can have more energy to accomplish this major task.

Reduce Her Fears of Injury

Your mom may worry about what will happen if she can no longer do her duties. A fall down the staircase can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones or a slipped disk in her spine that can cause both of them to be bedridden. Since your mom may not be able to see the stairs as she carries a basket of laundry or grab onto the handrails as holds a plate of food, she is at an increased risk of getting hurt. Putting a stairlift in her home helps her to stay safe so that she will be physically fit enough to continue to help her spouse for as long as they need continued care.